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    Zoals eenieder inmiddels wel weet wacht me een pittige behandeling. Teneinde er goed doorheen te komen heb ik een campagne bedacht hoe eea aan te pakken. De naam van de campagne is HARDER genaamd naar de schitterende cd gemaakt door Oscar Pelgrim en de harde kuur die volgt. Het is de bedoeling dat er een positieve energie gevende stroom van flash berichten naar me zullen toestromen. Verder ga ik regelmatig een newsletter via deze site publiceren.
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Due to the fact that my international friends react on this site i will put so now and than some info in englisch. First of all meself ,Jacqueline, Marleen ,Ruud , Inge and Isa wants to thank everybody for the very nice reactions . It ’s a great gift from you all to give us this support . As you imagine we had better days but we have to deal with the new situation .

I returned to work again and starting to prepare meself for the Chemo’s wich soon will be started . We decided to do this by training such as fitness and bicycling . I have also the idea to do also some Joga activities. Also the team of Fitness Factory is preparing an improvement in the field of the meals,drinks and special food . At this time i have no pain and the mind is positive so it’s good. I have/feel no limatations, as an example tomorrow I am going to do some motortraining . So you see the acceptation phase is over and we are going foreworths again. I see this challenge like a competition . So I have to prepare meself;, set the mind positive and lets go . I really hope to be in Trondheim and in Aras de Los Olnos .

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